FURNACE & Heating Repair


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Stop suffering with the heat or the cold and call Universal USA Appliance Repair. We repair all models of air-conditioners and heating units,  including electric and gas models.

Serving the San Mateo and Santa Clara County areas, our service is  quick and convenient. Contact us today and put the comfort back into  your home with Universal USA Appliance Services :

  • Installation 
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Wall Furnace 
  • Maintenance
  • Heat Pump
  • Floor Heater 
  • Replacement 
  • Expert Repair 
  • Central Heating  

You Need Furnace Repair in the Bay Area?

Our furnace repair technicians are prepared to handle nearly any  situation they encounter. They will have the parts and tools on their  trucks to get your system operational if at all possible. In the  unfortunate event your furnace is beyond repair, our  furnace repair techs will be prepared to give you a price quote on a new heating and cooling system so you can start making plans and decisions. 

Gas Furnace Repair and Boiler Repair

A lot of the smaller gas furnace repair companies do not have the  ability, training, tools nor supplies for boiler repair. The gas furnace  repair specialists at USA Appliance service Heating and Cooling are  able to tackle nearly every heating repair project they encounter. Put  us to the test.

Gas Furnace Produces No Heat

Common Problems:

  • Thermostat set too low and no calling for heat 
  •  Thermostat not working 
  •  Circuit breaker or fuse controlling the furnace is tripped or blown 
  •  Natural gas or propane control valve is closed 
  •  Pilot light is out 


Possible Causes : 

  •  Check that thermostat is in heat mode and has appropriate temperature setting 
  •  Try moving dial setting up or down a few degrees 
  • Clean contacts in thermostat if it is a non-digital type
  • Reset tripped circuit breaker
  • Replace blown fuse  
  • Relight pilot light  
  • If the Problem persist CALL US and book a technician